About De-Spiriting:

Sometimes, usually as a result of a powerful human event, the spirit of those who have passed become locked onto a structure,  a piece of land or an object. And, sometimes the spirit is benevolent or mischievous and we can tolerate its presence. But, sometimes, too, the spirit is malevolent and we cannot tolerate its presence. At this point it becomes unwanted. When the disturbances caused by the unwanted spirit become completely intolerable it must be set free from the thing that it has possessed. The process used to set the unwanted spirit free from the possessed thing and moving it out of the physical realm is called “De-Spiriting”.

De-spiriting should only be done by professional Metaphysical Practitioners (MP’s) in order to assure effectiveness in the removal of the unwanted spirit. One or more of the MP’s performing the De-spiriting must be a Medium. This is essential in determining who the spirit is and why it remains. Once the Medium identifies the unwanted spirit he or she may address it by name during the De-spiriting process. Many times, the occupants or owners of the land, structure or object know the identity of the unwanted spirit. Again, it is up to the Medium to identify the spirit regardless of the beliefs of the persons experiencing the haunting.

The actual De-spiriting process varies by situation and by the metaphysical beliefs of the MP’s performing the De-spiriting. The one constant is that the spirit is identified and through the process of rituals and saging (smudging) it is driven from the land, structure or object. In every case, the spirit should be forced to walk into a brilliant white light that symbolically represents the portal between the physical and ethereal (spirit) planes of existence.

About the De-spiriting Process that John Employs:

John works exclusively with his partner, Cheri Mancuso, in the process of De-spiriting. Together they perform rituals to protect themselves during and immediately following a De-spiriting session.

At the onset of the session Cheri tunes in and identifies the spirit. This can be important because, very often, the unwanted spirit is simply trying to get the occupants or owners to recognize them or acknowledge their presence. It is also important because John and Cheri now know who occupies the haunted thing and can call it out by name. Once the identification process is over the real work begins.

In a structure, the building must be cleared room-by-room. This includes closets, bathrooms, hallways, foyers, pantries, fire places, garages, et cetera. Ideally, John and Cheri begin at the back of the land or structure and begin by lighting a sage smudging stick until it begins to smoke. Cheri stands in the center of the room while John smudges the room with a special smudging feather and demands that the spirit leave the room and never return. On bare land John and Cheri work in the same manner toward the spot that the spirit identifies most strongly with.

Once Cheri declares that the room is free of spirit they move onto to the next room until they come to the last room. This room should have a door or window that can be opened. This is where the spirit is expelled and compelled to move into the white light and into the ethereal plane.

If the spirit haunts an object the process is much the same except that the spirit is forced from the object first and then moved throughout the structure or land until it is expelled.

Rarely, there may be more than one spirit present in the haunted thing. All of the spirit can be removed at the same time or some may be allowed to stay. On several occasions, John and Cheri have excluded the spirit of loved ones who remain in order to watch over their loved ones. In this case, John and Cheri are explicit in stating that the wanted spirit may stay. For example, let’s say that your deceased father whom you called “Pop” is with you in your home and you enjoy the presence of his spirit. However, there is another unwanted spirit named “Sam” there as well. John would chant in his smudging ritual that, “With this sage I clear this room of the unwanted, negative spirit of Sam. You may not return. The spirit of Pop may stay.”

Once the the spirit has been cleared John seals the De-spiriting process by creating a salt circle around the structure, when possible, and seals the circle by calling upon the natural forces of the Four Cardinal Points of the Earth. This prevents the possible return of the expelled spirit and from other spirit entering the structure or the land. This completes the De-spiriting process.

John and Cheri’s Qualifications:

John and Cheri have studied Metaphysics for many years. Cheri received professional instruction in the 1980’s and received a degree from the institute that she attended. John has also studied Metaphysics for years and is self-taught. They are both ordained ministers. Both successfully practice some form of metaphysical talent each and every day for their long list of clientele. They have been De-spiriting homes, land and objects together for 20 years. Some of the homes belong or once belonged to high-profile individuals and the De-spiriting team has even dealt with the spirit of celebrities who have passed on. The strength of their individual Yin and Yang energy combines to become a compelling force for the removal of unwanted spirit.

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