Order Chart Interpretations or Tarot Readings

Ordering your chart Numerology and Astrology interpretations and Tarot Readings  by John Scarano is very simple.

Select the number of chart interpretations you want to have done by John from the drop-down menu below and click the “Add to Cart” button. You will be redirected in a new tab to John’s Business PayPal Account; National Forecaster Company. You will have the choice of paying through your PayPal account or check out as a guest. You will be contacted using the email listed in your payment details to begin setting up your session appointment.

If you want Natal, Karmic or Comparison Astrological chart interpretations done, John will contact you via the email address you listed along with your payment and ask for your birth information. He will need your name, your date of birth, the place of your birth and the time of your birth.

If you are ordering for more than yourself  or for a Comparison Chart between two persons you will need to include the additional person’s information, as well. If an accurate time of birth is not available for both individuals a detailed Comparison Chart interpretation is not possible.

Karmic Chart interpretations also require an accurate time of birth. For those who do not have the exact time of birth a detailed Karmic Chart interpretation is not possible. It is possible to do a Karmic Comparison Chart interpretation for two individuals with accurate times of birth.

If you want a Numerology chart interpretation done by John he will contact you via the email address you listed along with your payment and ask for your full name exactly as it is listed on your birth certificate and for your date of birth. Please do not use or include your married surname, nicknames or name changes whether they have been done legally or not. Regardless of any name changes, you vibrate around your birth name for the duration of your life. Nicknames and name changes affect you but nowhere near as powerfully as your birth name.

John strongly recommends that you have your Numerology and Astrology charts done at the same time. This provides you with a richer interpretation of the influences that you were born under.

Please note that all services performed  by John Scarano are done by appointment only.

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