Psychic Investigation

About Psychic Investigation:

Psychic investigation is usually employed when traditional investigative methods fail to produce results.  Not every psychic is capable of practicing the art of psychic investigation. The Investigative Psychic (IP) has to be able to employ several psychic talents in order to be effective in helping to move a stalled investigation forward. The IP needs to be a Medium, a Psychometrist and a Clairvoyant at the very least.

The IP may be required to go to scene of a crime and tune-in to the crime that took place there. While the IP is there, the spirit of an individual who was killed at the scene may be in contact with the IP through Mediumship. If there is an important object from the crime scene the IP may be required to psychometrize the object.

Psychometry is performed by touching an object with one or both of the hands and tuning into people and events that took place in its presence. The spiritual belief here is that the object has absorbed the vibrations of everything that it has encountered since its creation.  The IP may be able to see important details of the event in this way.

Additionally, the IP will need to tune in by the use of Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the art of “seeing” in the mind’s eye. The spiritual belief here is that the images that are displayed through Clairvoyance are sent from Spirit Guides who want to help right the wrong that occurred in the crime. Sometimes it might be the spirit of the deceased but, often there is another deceased relative or two that come in as well.

Psychic investigation is not limited to crime investigation. It can also be used to find missing persons, missing pets and missing valuables.

About John as an Investigative Psychic:

John works exclusively with his partner, Cheri Mancuso. Cheri is the lead psychic on all cases that they work together. Cheri is able to use her ability as a Medium, a Psychometrist and a Clairvoyant to glean important elusive details surrounding a cold case. John uses his psychic talents as a Clairaudient (hearing spirit) and as a Clairsentient (sensing by feeling), He also uses his abilities as a  Numerologist and Astrologer when they can be of use in an investigation.

Together John and Cheri  head up a very powerful psychic investigation team.  John and Cheri have worked together as a psychic investigation team for 20 years. They have been brought in by law enforcement agencies and private individuals to assist in solving unsolved crimes on many occasions.

More Information on Psychic Investigation by John and Cheri:

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