Western Feng Shui

About Western Feng Shui:

Western Feng Shui is a system for positioning a building and the objects within a building in a way that is thought to agree with spiritual forces and to bring health and happiness in all of the important area of one’s life. This can be accomplished by balancing earth, fire, wood, water and metal in the 9 guas (areas) contained in every structure. Each of the 9 guas represents significant areas of the lives of those who reside or work in the structure.

Additionally, whenever imbalance occurs for any or all of the occupants of the structure, special “cures” can be applied to the appropriate gua located within the structure.

This process of balancing and curing can be very complex. It usually involves the application of cures in each of the 9 guas. Cures are done by adding or subtracting colors, elements and objects to the guas as needed.

About John’s Western Feng Shui Services:

John must visit your structure in order to determine the layout of the structure and its contents. John also comes to your location to make measurements that will be used to draw up your floor plan. This initial process is made easier if you have architectural drawings of your structure on hand.

Once the survey of the structure and the floor plan are complete, John lays a Baqua (a grid with 9 sections) over your floor plan. This determines the location of each gua in your structure. When this is done, John begins to determine the natural balance of each gua. As he does this, he begins to assign cures to each gua. When this is completed you receive a full report with balancing recommendations.

At your discretion, you may apply the cures to your structure’s guas yourself or John will complete the cures for you.

The cost for Feng Shui services depends on the size, layout and type of structure that you want to balance.

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