About Reiki:

Reiki is the art of healing by the laying on of hands. This is most likely the method that Jesus used when he performed spontaneous healing and resurrection. Reiki was re-discovered in the late 19th century by a Japanese Christian Minister, Dr. Mikao Usui.

Dr. Usui developed his own system of healing and it is generally considered to be the only genuine Reiki Healing System. John Scarano received Reiki  I, II and III attunements from Reiki Masters who were able to trace their Reiki lineage back to Dr. Usui through the first two Reiki Masters, Dr. Hayashi and Madame Takata.

Reiki is the art of channeling Universal Life Force that exists all around us through the practitioner’s body. The Universal Life Force exits through the Palm Chakras of the practitioner’s hands and is transferred to the Reiki client.

Universal Life Force is known by other names, such as, Ki, Chi and Prana.

The whole purpose of Reiki is to bring the Life Force of each cell in the body up to it’s maximum level. This places the body in a state where it can begin to heal itself.

John’s Reiki Qualification:

John received his Master (III) attunement in 1998. He has practiced Reiki since receiving his first Reiki I attunement in 1994.

John has passed Reiki Attunements to many students who are currently practicing Reiki Practitioners.

In-Person Reiki Healing Sessions:

Reiki sessions are performed at John’s residence by appointment only. The minimum amount of time for a typical Reiki healing session is 30 minutes. However, it may be as long as 45 minutes.

John’s Reiki clients lay on his padded Reiki table for the duration of the session. Slowly, as soothing New Age music plays softly in the background, John works on each of the 7 Major Chakras and the Knee and Foot Chakras. Special Reiki Symbols are invoked as John moves from position to position. If there is an injury that needs attention, John works on those areas as he progresses down the body.

It is imperative that John’s hands make contact with your body throughout the session.

Long Distance Healing Sessions:

Dr. Usui developed a method of healing over long distances without being physically present. This type of session is possible through the use of a special symbol named Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

A session must be pre-planned to take place at a specific date, location and time. The person who will be receiving the healing must be present at the predetermined location. They must remain in that location for one half hour.

Reiki’s Efectiveness:

Jesus was a powerful healer whose ability has been unmatched throughout history. And he is considered to be the Son of God. Reiki practitioners do not possess Jesus’ extraordinary ability. However, they can be quite effective and, rarely, they participate in spontaneous healing.

Reiki Instruction:

As a Reiki Master, John can pass the ability to perform Reiki Healing to students through attunements.

Reiki Attunements:

In order to become proficient in passing Reiki Healing Energy a Reiki student must be attuned in three steps:

Reiki One:

During a special Reiki One Attunement Session a Reiki Master embeds the Cho Ku Rei symbol down into the student’s chakra system. At this point the student may use this symbol in a Reiki Healing session with instruction from the Reiki Master who passes the attunement.

Reiki Two:

During a special Reiki Two Attunement Session a Reiki Master embeds the Sei He Ki and the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbols down into the student’s chakra system. At this point the student may use these symbols in a Reiki Healing  or Long Distance Healing session with instruction from the Reiki Master who passes the attunement.

Reiki Three Master Attunement:

During a special Reiki Three Master Attunement Session a Reiki Master embeds the Dai Koo Myo and Tibetan Dai Koo Myo symbols down into the student’s chakra system. At this point the student, with instruction from the Reiki Master who passes the attunement, may attune Reiki students themselves.


The Reiki student must show proficiency in Reiki Healing techniques before advancing to the next level. This is done at the discretion of the Reiki Master performing the attunements. There is no set time period between each attunement.

Creating Good Energy Flow in Residential or Commercial Structures:

Good energy flow in a structure can be a real problem. Reiki can be employed when standard Feng Shui cures for energy flow can’t be applied effectively. John can direct the natural energy to flow throughout your structure by performing a ceremony that involves the drawing and invocation of the Cho Ku Rei symbol. This ceremony directs the energy to all blocked areas of the structure.

To Book a Reiki Appointment with John or for More Information:

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