Peter Herkos: The Psychic Sleuth and the Boston Strangler

The story of the Boston Strangler is one that has captured the public’s imagination for decades. A series of gruesome murders that terrorized the city in the early 1960s, the Boston Strangler case is one of the most notorious serial killer cases in American history. What sets this case apart is the involvement of an unconventional figure in the investigations – Peter Herkos, a psychic detective who claimed to have supernatural abilities. This article will explore the intriguing story of Peter Herkos and his connection to the Boston Strangler case.

Peter Herkos, The Psychic Detective:

Born in Hungary in 1918, Peter Herkos was an ordinary man until a near-death experience in 1944 drastically changed the course of his life. After surviving a fall from a four-story building, Herkos discovered he had acquired psychic abilities, including telepathy, psychometry, and clairvoyance. He used these newfound powers to help law enforcement agencies solve cases and locate missing persons.

Herkos gained international recognition for his psychic abilities and was featured in many publications and television programs. He was often called upon by law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe to aid in their investigations. Despite the skepticism that often surrounded psychic detectives, Herkos’s accuracy and involvement in solving high-profile cases earned him a level of credibility.

The Boston Strangler Case:

Between 1962 and 1964, the city of Boston was terrorized by a serial killer who became known as the Boston Strangler. The killer targeted women, leaving them brutally murdered in their homes. The police were at a loss, unable to find a lead on the killer’s identity or whereabouts. In desperation, they turned to Peter Herkos for help.

Herkos’s Involvement in the Case:

Peter Herkos arrived in Boston in September 1964 and began working with the authorities to solve the case. He claimed that he could psychically connect to the killer and provide valuable information about his identity and whereabouts. Through his psychic readings and psychometry, Herkos helped to establish a psychological profile of the killer, including his age, appearance, and habits.

As the investigation progressed, Herkos’s psychic insights began to narrow down the list of potential suspects. His most significant contribution came when he provided a description of a car that he believed belonged to the killer. This information ultimately led the police to Albert DeSalvo, who would later confess to being the Boston Strangler.

Debate and Skepticism:

The involvement of Peter Herkos in the Boston Strangler case has always been a topic of debate. While some believe that his psychic abilities played a crucial role in identifying the killer, others argue that his contributions were exaggerated or simply coincidental. Skeptics question the reliability of psychic detectives, citing the lack of scientific evidence to support their claims of supernatural abilities.

Despite the ongoing debate, the story of Peter Herkos and the Boston Strangler case remains an intriguing chapter in the history of criminal investigations. It serves as a testament to the lengths law enforcement agencies will go to in their pursuit of justice, even if it means turning to unconventional methods.

The tale of Peter Herkos and the Boston Strangler case is a fascinating blend of true crime and the paranormal. It showcases the extraordinary abilities of a man who, despite skepticism and controversy, left an indelible mark on the world of criminal investigations. Whether one believes in psychic detectives or not, the story of Peter Herkos and the Boston Strangler is an unforgettable part of American criminal history.

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