Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology came into activity from Judaism. However, it holds immense importance in mysticism. The foundation of this type of numerology is pretty easy to understand. It says that everything in this world exists in the form of vibes, vibrations, frequencies, and energies. It forms the primary and sole source of existence, and as humans, each individual adds some form of energy to it on a daily basis.

Moreover, according to Kabbalah numerology, the name of the person is as important as numbers. These letters hold their initiation from the Hebrew alphabet. However, further calculations are done by looking at the birth name of the person. It helps to resolve challenges and issues in the life of the native and changes their energy from negative to positive, helping them sync with the Universe.

Vibrations and energy of Kabbalah numerology:

According to Kabbalah numerology, everything starts with vibrations and energies. These vibrations play differently for each native. Below are the names of the energies that form the Kabbalah numerology:

  1. Kether
  2. Chokhmah
  3. Binah
  4. Chesed
  5. Geburah
  6. Taphareth
  7. Netzach
  8. Hod
  9. Yesod
  10. Makuth

The above-mentioned names consist of a total of 22 vibrations. These vibrations range from 1 to 400. Moreover, according to this numerology branch, each vibration underlines wisdom and knowledge that the soul and the mind earn. Also, these vibrations exist in the non-physical world instead of the tangible physical one.

Along with it, these energies also involve a great level of understanding that cuts across all the physical boundaries and limitations to understand the personality and traits of the person. Like many other types of numerology, Kabbalah numerology also pays importance to the letter and number connection, and predictions are made accordingly.

Kabbalah numerology chart and reading:

Here, each letter decodes a number. Let us see how:

1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9

A         B         C         D         E          F          G         H         I

J           K         L          M         N         O         P          Q         R

S          T          U         V         W        X         Y         Z

Decoding each alphabet clarifies that all the numbers have their own significance, importance, and meaning. Moreover, each of them signifies various traits and characteristics of the native, which furthermore, helps in the predictions.

Kabbalah numbers and their meaning:

Number 1: Growth, progress, leadership, and development

Number 2: Magnification, connection, cooperation, and harmony

Number 3: Endearment, optimism, expression, and creativity

Number 4: Fruitless, stagnation, limitations, and practicality

Number 5: Genesis, fertility, change, freedom, and creation

Number 6: Execution, fulfillment, caring, friendship, and family

Number 7: Mysticism, enlightenment, mystery, and magic

Number 8: Impulsiveness, success, luck, charisma, and abundance

Number 9: Fortune, service, selflessness, and completion

Kabbalah Number 1:

People with Kabbalah number 1 make excellent leaders and use their creativity and knowledge for good and others’ benefit. These people hold strong power and position in the world and possess the capability of inventiveness and innovation.

Kabbalah Number 2:

Natives with Kabbalah number 2 are best when they possess a mutual partnership with someone. Also, these people are peace-loving beings and value community rules and regulations. They love to live in harmony and act as great meditators. However, on the other hand, they are diplomatic.

Kabbalah Number 3:

Folks with Kabbalah number 3 are achievement-oriented. They love success as much as they love art and creativity. With great communication skills, these people are highly optimistic people and advance in accompanying people who share similar thought processes as theirs.

Kabbalah Number 4:

Natives with Kabbalah number 4 are highly responsible and practical. They structure themselves in a manner that they can be produced as much as possible. These people root themselves in reality and look for opportunities that suit them the best without any miss.

Kabbalah Number 5:

People with Kabbalah number 5 give importance to success more than anything. However, on the other hand, these people are wild and free and involved in thrilling activities that give them a rush. These people possess beautiful and empathetic hearts and hold a passion for things that interest them.

Kabbalah Number 6:

Natives with Kabbalah number 6 are strong psychics. These people love healing others and have a sensitive nature. They channel themselves best when caring for others. As a company, these people highly understand and feel relaxed when helping others in their needy times. Full of empathy, such natives also possess compassion and passion for activities that suit their interests and aura.

Kabbalah Number 7:

Folks with Kabbalah number 7 possess a keen draw towards spirituality. Such people are introverted and sensitive. However, on the other hand, these folks are lone wolves. They like to stay and work alone and prove themselves without the help of anybody else. They value the talent and abilities of others and feel great about appreciating others.

Kabbalah Number 8:

People with Kabbalah number 8 love achievements and success. These people look for abundance and cyclic karmic nature. To these folks, life runs on the fact that what goes around comes around. These people believe that their sole strength is their charisma and never put a step back in putting in effort and hard work. Also, they love to achieve in their life. Therefore, one can say that they focus on material matters as well.

Kabbalah Number 9:

Natives with Kabbalah number 9 are commitment-loving people. They live their life with some purpose and focus on big goals. Moreover, these natives believe in completion. However, they never lack in making sacrifices for others. They love to spend time helping others, but on the other hand, they also have an ego. Therefore, these people take no time in making detachments. They also focus on happiness, and generosity is their second name.

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